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Statement on the Puerto Rico State of Emergency

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Puerto Rico was recently hit by a 6.4-magnitude earthquake, displacing thousands of residents; subsequently, many are without power and access to water. In the wake of the state of emergency in Puerto Rico,

Mayor Justin M. Elicker and Dr. Ilene Tracey, New Haven Superintendent of Schools, released the following joint statement:

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Transition report 2020

The transition report details the transition team’s recommendations to me of what my administration’s goals should be for my first one-hundred days in office, as well as goals in my first term in office.

This report is a culmination of work over the past two months: the Elicker Transition Team gathered public input across New Haven using surveys and hosting two public meetings at High School in the Community ahead of finalizing the report.

The Elicker Transition Team was co-chaired by State Rep. Robyn Porter, Sarah Miller, and Kica Matos who worked with two facilitators, Elizabeth Nearing and Kia Levey. Thank you all for your hard work!

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As per Order of Mayor Elicker—City Hall offices will still open at 9am each day, but City Hall doors will open at 8:30am so that visitors may come in from inclement weather and use the City facilities while they wait for offices to open.