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New Haven Mayor Urges Residents to Sign up for the Medical Reserve Corps

March 26, 2020


New Haven Mayor Urges Residents to Sign up for the Medical Reserve Corps

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Today New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker and New Haven Health Director Maritza Bond urged residents to help out in the City’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic by signing up for the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). The New Haven MRC is open to medical and non-medical volunteers 18 years of age and older.

Mayor Justin Elicker released the following statement:

We are facing many challenges in our response to COVID-19. There is a shortage of protective equipment for our first responders, like N95 masks, and people have been donating supplies; however, we need people to step up and help us on the ground. We need volunteers, doctors, nurses, and medical professionals to help out with our COVID-19 response by signing up with the Medical Reserve Corps.

Whether you are retired, active in your profession, a community member, or a student, we need your assistance in the New Haven MRC. There is a growing need for volunteers with medical experience and a role each of you can serve. Volunteers receive free training and then are asked to be available on an as-needed basis. You could be asked to volunteer on weekends, late at night, or first thing in the morning. New Haven volunteers may be deployed to a shelter or a public health site.

Once trained, New Haven MRC volunteers would assist in the following tasks:

  • Provide medical screening and support in mass care settings,
  • Assist with patient tracking at planned events,
  • Support medical countermeasures (MCM) distribution and dispensing activities,
  • Assist with planned and unplanned public health activities.

Health Director Maritza Bond added, “By signing up to be a New Haven MRC volunteer, applicants will gain valuable emergency preparedness knowledge and experience through training, exercises, and real-world events. You will train and work alongside government agencies, federal partners, non-governmental agencies, and community partners. New Haven, we need your help.”

Here is a link to register for the MRC.
Here is a link to log in if you are already a member.


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