Planning an Event?

The City of New Haven recognizes special events as valuable to the community.

 In the City’s role of both support and regulation of special events, City departments must operate in a consistent and coordinated manner.A special event is defined as an activity or series of activities, specific to an identifiable time and place, produced in conjunction with community organizations often held on public property or city park. Such events may include but are not limited to: filming, protests/rallies, block parties, fund raisers, festivals, runs/races/walks, and other community events.

Please click here to see our Event Planning guide. 

On July 10th the City of New Haven hosted a Re:Open Special Event Guidance Webinar.

Click here for presentation documentation.

 Due to the current Civil Preparedness and Public Health Emergency if you are considering an event please review the current event guidance updated 9.21.2020: Please click here for documentation.