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Community Meeting Locations

Community Management Teams (CMTs) are a great way to find out what is going on in your neighborhood. From planning community events to learning about public safety issues to meeting your neighbors, Community Management Team Meetings are where much of the conversation occurs. All are welcome. Find out the time and location of a meeting in your neighborhood below, and get involved today!

Neighborhood MAP

CMT Contact Information
 Please click on your Neighborhood to see CMT meeting information.
Beaver Hill  Downtown Dwight/Chapel
Dixwell East Rock East Shore/Morris Cove
 Fair Haven
 Hill North Hill South 

Quinnipiac Meadows/Bella Vista



Meeting Location: City Hall
Office Address: 165 Church St., New Haven, CT
Meeting Date/Times (Monthly): 3rd Tuesday 6:00 PM

Chairperson: Caroline Smith


Meeting Location: Mauro-Sheridan Interdistrict Magnet School
Office Address: 
Sheridan School 191 Fountain St
Meeting Date/Times (Monthly): 
2nd Wednesday 6:30 PM

Chairperson: Josh Van Hoesen

Hill South

Meeting Location: Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School
Office Address: 150 Kimberly Avenue 
Meeting Date/Times (Monthly): 3rd Wednesday 6:00 PM

Chairperson: Sara McGiver


Meeting Location: Amistad Academy - Gym
Office Address: 130 Edgewood Ave.
Meeting Date/Times (Monthly): 1st Tuesday 6:30 PM

Chairperson: Florita Gillespie

Hill North

Meeting Location: John C Daniels School 
Office Address: 569 Congress Avenue.
Meeting Date/Times (Monthly): 2nd Tuesday 6:00 PM

Chairperson: Howard Boyd


Meeting Location: Community Resource Center
Office Address: 230 Ashmun St. 
Meeting Date/Times (Monthly): 3rd Thursday 6:00 PM

Chairperson: Neenah Silva


Newhallville CMT

Meeting Location: Lincoln Bassett School

Office Address: 130 Bassett St.

Meeting Date/Times (Monthly): 4th Tuesday 6:00 PM

Chairperson: Kim Harris

East Rock

East Rock CMT

Meeting Location: mActivity Fitness Center
Office Address: 285 Nicoll St.
Meeting Date/Times (Monthly): 4th Monday 7:00 PM

Chairperson: David Budries 

Fair Haven

Meeting Location: Fair Haven Library 
Office Address: 182 Grand Ave.
Meeting Date/Times (Monthly): 1st Thursday 6:00 PM

Chairperson: Michelle Rodriguez

East Shore/Morris Cove

East Shore CMT

Meeting Location: Lighthouse Fire Station
Office Address: 510 Lighthouse Rd
Meeting Date/Times (Monthly): 2nd Tuesday 7:00 PM

Chairperson: Arlene DePino

Quinnipiac Meadows/Bella Vista

Quinnipiac East CMT  

Meeting Location: (Varies) 

St. James Church - 62 E. Grand Ave

Ross Woodward School -  185 BarnesAve

Bella Vista - 311 Eastern St

Meeting Date/Times (Monthly): 1st Tuesday 6:00 PM

Chairperson: Kurtis Kearney

Beaver Hill

Meeting Location: Beaver Hill Substation
Office Address: 332 Whalley Ave.
Meeting Date/Times (Monthly): 3rd Tuesday 7:00pm

Chairperson: Nadine Horton